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Big Data

    Processing of big data is the clue of the present business.

    • Analysis of the business environment.
    • Data analysis and processing.
    • Cash flow analysis.
    • Identification of the vulnerabilities/losses in the company.
    • Statistical analysis - regression, correlation, cointegration.


    We can offer our algorithms or create the new one according your requirements, not only for financial markets.

    • Design and creation of the algorithms.
    • Streamlining of business processes.
    • Improving of the efficiency of business activities.
    • Design of the financial solutions.
    • Design models for the financial's markets.

Neural Networks

    Desig and coding neural networks for companies, investors, entrepreneurs.

    • Custom design of the naural networks.
    • Use of the neural netowrks to the future event's prediction - example forecast the level of the future sale.
    • Solve the complex problem.